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Kylies Professional Mini Pro & Traveller Brush Set look

Kylies Professional Mini Pro & Traveller Brush Set look


Brush Set:Mini-Pro & Traveller

A professional quality, vegan brush set with seven must-have brushes. These brushes have a rare full sized head with a three quarter size handle.

These brushes love mineral makeup and being synthetic are softer on your skin, anti-bacterial and cruelty free.

This set currently comes with a complimentary faux brush roll pouch that fits 15 brushes. NB: stand in photo not included

  • Colour Description

    The Brush roll is soft, easy-clean black vinyl. The brush handles are plantation grown timber with a walnut brown stain and protective satin finish. The synthetic, vegan brush head fibres are a similar, matching brown

  • Brush Care

    Brush Care

    If working on clients always use our gentle non-toxic brush cleaner on your brushes in between people as it will keep your brushes in good condition and will not irritate your following client’s skin or risk transferring bacteria.
    It is recommended that Make-up artists wash their brushes at the end of the day with a mild eco-friendly detergent or shampoo. Personal brushes should be washed once a week or fortnight depending on usage and environment.
    Wash the brush under running water gently massaging the bristles.
    Never leave the brush submerged in cleaning solution or water and try not to run too much water over the ferrule or handle of the brush.
    Gently wring the detergent and water out of the brush hair, reshape the brush, dry the brush handle, and insert into a hanging-style makeup brush tree.This is the ultimate brush dryer. Alternately you can allow the brush to dry flat on a towel ensuring the bristles have been reshaped. Once brushes have partially dried you may also allow your brushes to dry with the bristles facing up in a cup on an airy windowsill.

    Cleaned, pristine brushes will perform better and give you a flawless, airbrush finish. Always keep the bristles protected and never just throw them in your make-up bag where they will be banged about and damaged or contaminated.

    Treat your brushes well and they will serve you equally well for many years to come.

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