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Your Simple Steps to leave the house easier with babies and toddlers...

Hello and welcome back! I'm delighted that you're here, as I enjoy sharing the lessons and experiences I've learned during my journey of motherhood with all of you. Today, I want to dive into a topic that I'm extremely passionate about: being organized. Specifically, I'll be sharing some simple steps that can make leaving the house with babies, toddlers, or both, a smoother, more organized, and less overwhelming experience.

Remember the days when leaving the house meant grabbing your keys, phone, and wallet? Well, having a baby changes things. Suddenly, there's an adorable little one who needs more than just the essentials. It's easy for leaving the house to feel overwhelming and chaotic if you're not organized. I can personally relate to this feeling, as I've been there myself. Sometimes, staying home seems like the easier option. However, if you're an outdoor person like me, I want to share some tips that have helped simplify things and encourage you to embark on adventures with your little ones.

Pack your baby bag the night before: This is a super simple yet incredibly time-saving tip. By packing or restocking your baby bag the night before, all you need to add in the morning are fresh liquids and snacks, and you're good to go. Which leads me to the next tip...

Prepare Snacks, Lunch Boxes, and Fill Water Bottles During Breakfast or the Night Before:
Streamline your morning routine by preparing snacks and lunch alongside breakfast or even the night before. This simple step saves you from having to make extra trips to the kitchen before leaving the house or during lunchtime at home. I find it incredibly helpful to have lunch ready in the fridge, especially when time seems to slip away. Additionally, this preparation allows you to avoid entering the kitchen until dinner, reducing the mess that needs to be cleaned up after breakfast.

Lay out clothes the night before: Skip the morning saga of deciding what to wear by laying out your outfits the night before. Personally, I find it helpful to do this after bath time while selecting pyjamas. I also involve my little one in choosing her outfit. She loves the responsibility, and it makes getting dressed in the morning easier.

Plan your mode of transportation: Take a few minutes the night before to decide whether you'll be walking or driving in the morning. If you know you'll be on foot or driving to a specific location, ensure the pram is ready to go by putting it in or taking it out of the car ahead of time.

Keep a well-stocked caddy, bag, or organizer in the car for unexpected emergencies: This is a great backup plan to alleviate any stress or doubts about forgetting something when you're out and about. Even though my baby bag is always ready, I'm definitely the type of mom who likes to be over-prepared with extra supplies. I love having a car organiser filled with essential items. Containing extra nappies, wipes, sanitizer, a change of clothes, a hat, a thin blanket, a towel, a couple of toys, teethers, and anything else you might find useful. If you dip into the caddy, I always make sure to replenish it as soon as I return home.

Each of the above tasks may seem small and only take 5-10 minutes individually, but when combined, they can save you a good half an hour in the morning. That extra time can be better spent by starting the day slowly and relaxing, engaging in true playtime with the kids, eating breakfast mindfully, or fitting in some daily movement. Additionally, it's always beneficial to be prepared ahead of time for those occasional fussy morning feeds, nappy explosions, toilet training accidents, or toddler tantrums, in order to avoid being late

One final thing I'd like to mention is my appreciation for VANCHI baby bags. I personally adore their lightweight yet luxurious designs, as well as their sleek and spacious range of bags, caddies, and organizers. If you happen to be in the market for new baby essentials, you can use my code SKYEFAGAN to enjoy a nice little discount. However, please know that this is entirely optional and only meant as a bonus for those interested.

Till next time,
Skye xoxo

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