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Hello, welcome back or welcome to my blog if you’re new here. As it’s a fresh new year I thought I'd re-introduce myself for all the new readers. I’m Skye, a young mum of two, digital creator, makeup artist, skincare addict, self care health and wellness enthusiast and water bottle collector. I love to share my personal journey via my social platforms in hopes to inspire, educate or help you where I've learnt from experience and connect with as many of you as possible. Today I want to share with you a newly created personal favorite ‘no makeup’, makeup look. It is clean, fresh, quick to do, perfect for the new year, back to work and the everyday busy mums.

Start with the Skin
Never skip skin prep, if you want to achieve the best results possible. Care for yourself inside and out. Drinking 2-3L of water daily along with clean and hydrated skin will help your makeup sit its best. Every morning and night I cleanse, tone, serum and hydrate. For a quick, complex free routine I cleanse with Organic Spa Cream cleanser and then the Goddessey Skin Nutrition Trio has me covered for the rest.

Cleansing is pretty self explanatory ‘to clean your skin’ then toning helps reset your skin's pH level so it can absorb your serum effectively and nourish deep within your skin's layers. Lastly, hydrate and protect your skin surface with your facial oil/moisturizer. If you're in the market for new skincare you can check out the highly active, clean, green, toxic free, natural, vegan, Australian Skincare Trio here and cleanser here.

Fresh Face
A clean fresh base will have you feeling a million dollars, these are the steps I follow:
Firstly i conceal any *personal self conscious* spots and blemishes, for me it's usually my dark circles under my eyes with MG Concealer. I apply the shade ‘Soft’ gently with my ring finger under and around my eyes. If you have no concerns, feel free to skip this step.
- Next Apply MG Hybrid Cream Foundation to add hydration, nourish your skin and get amazing coverage with a glowy finish. I apply the shade ‘Angel’ and massage with my fingers all over my face.

- Top your cream with MG loose foundation to set for longer wear. This will also give you extra coverage. I wear shade ‘Angel or Aphrodite’ depending on my winter to summer tan and blend on with Kylie's vegan dense kabuki brush #1 or #3.

- Follow with MG Setting Powder for the T zone, so you're not shiny/dewy in the wrong places. I wear Shade ’Xtra Matt MED’ and apply with #1 or #3 again. This step is vital if you are going to take photos or film.

- Naturally we aren't one colour all over so you want to add depth. Contour with a foundation 2-3 shades darker. I use MG pressed Bronze and apply with Kylie's fluffy angled brush #4 under my cheekbones, the top of my forehead, down the sides of my nose and under my chin. These are the most common places to contour but depending on your face shape this can vary.

Cheeks and Highlight
- With this look I chose to wear MG Pressed Blush ‘Crush’ to add some colour back onto my face to avoid looking washed out, especially on camera. Crush is a peachy undertone but you can also wear a pinky undertone with this look, such as pressed flirt, cream flushed or loose bloom/playful. Apply with Kylie’s #3 brush to the apples of your cheeks and flick upwards. - Next is a favourite step of mine; adding some MG Pressed highlighter ‘Vanilla Ice’ or Loose ‘Pearl or Dream’ for a nice in-place glow to catch the light. I apply with my finger to the top of my cheekbones and on my brow bones. You may also do your cupids bow if desired.

Brows, Eyes and Lashes
- Feather MG Pressed Taupe or loose stone onto brows with a small angle brush (#13, #20 or #9) to fill in if and where you need for a bolder brow and brushing them out with a mascara/brow brush.

- Apply MG loose matt eyeshadow shelly for a soft nude-pink wash of colour over your eyelid with fluffy angled brush #18 and blend your edges. Follow with MG pressed Cacao or loose bark, to add some depth to the outer corners of your eyes. I apply with a bullet brush #6 or #10 and blend with #18 here again.

- Next apply a small amount of MG eye liner pencil ‘Tigers Eye’ to your top lash line, keeping it as thin and close to your lash line as possible. Over the top, set with MG pressed Cacao and angle brush #13 and add a touch of Cacao only to the outside ¼ of your lower lash line.
- Lastly add 2-3 coats of Xtreme Runway mascara and hold your lashes up while they dry to really finish your eyes off with a ‘pop’.

Hydrate Your Lips
- Start with MG Lip Pencil Enchant. This is the perfect ‘lip colour’ liner to line and fill in your lips to help your lipstick stay on longer.

- Follow with MG Lipstick ‘Rosy’. The most natural lip looking colour. Perfect for a subtle but powerful finish to this look. These lipsticks are full of the most hydrating and nourishing butters to help soothe dry lips everyday.

I hope I have educated or inspired you to try this no makeup, makeup look. Which is quick and easy even for ‘no idea’ makeup beginners, mums with toddlers hanging off them or the on the go back to workers' to achieve. If you have any questions leave me and comment below. If your in the market and would like to try the natural, non toxic, professional for everyday use Australian Makeup products use my discount SKYEFAGAN for 15% off at

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