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My Healthy Chocolate Milkshake!

I must admit, I have a sweet tooth...doesn’t every girl? Every now and then is fine but the urge to then over-indulge in those wonderful, irresistible treats can be almost overpowering. Now, being pregnant, I have noticed this feeling has really intensified so to try and keep these cravings under control, I started experimenting in the kitchen for healthier options to satisfy me.

My favourite kind of sweet treat would be any form of chocolate, so I was determined to create a healthier chocolaty option for myself, rather than just going to grab some sugar filled milk chocolate. I’d like to share with you, my yummy creation, ‘The Healthy Chocolate Milkshake’.

It’s a hearty chocolate milkshake and my usual go-to post workout, as a treat or easy quick meal on the go. This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, refined sugar free and delicious!

Not only is it delicious, it’s also nutritious and full of: Protein: It’s going to help you stay feeling fuller for longer and to keep your cravings minimal. Fibre: Helps to aid your digestive system for a regular routine. Antioxidants: To nourish your skin from within and to help keep its appearance youthful. Probiotics: These are good bacteria which will help maintain a healthy gut. Greens: Adding an extra daily dose of multiple vitamins and minerals for your overall health Healthy fats: These are great for your heart, overall health and much more!

Ingredients ½ Banana 8 - 10 Ice cubes 1 cup Coconut water 1 tsp Chia seeds 1 tsp Cacao powder 1 serve Vanilla protein ( I use a pea protein blend ) 1 tablespoon Coconut yogurt 1 tsp Almond butter *1 tablespoon 365 Nourish Chocolate Green powder

Method Add all ingredients into your blender and blend till smooth and creamy. Serve in a fancy jar and enjoy!

*I added a greens powder in my recipe, this is an optional addition. I like to add this to get an extra daily serving of greens! Adding a greens powder will give you plenty of extra vitamins and minerals into your diet. I use the ‘365 Nourish’ chocolate greens because they are chocolate flavoured, a big yes from me!

I have a discount code - SKYE15 if you would like to try the 365 Nourish Chocolate Greens Powder. This will get you 15% off at the checkout on your next order! Here!

You will notice in my recipe I have not added in a ‘sweetener’, this is due to using the vanilla flavoured protein and chocolate greens powder. These pre-made blends already contain sweetener in the form of Monk Fruit and Stevia. If you prefer a plain protein powder or don’t add in this greens powder, then I suggest adding your favourite non-sugar sweetener to taste. I hope you have enjoyed this recipe and maybe been inspired to have a play in the kitchen. If you do try my version of a healthy chocolate milkshake, leave me a like and comment below. I’d love to see photos and hear whether you enjoyed it as much as I do and also about any variations you may have tried!

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Free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar May Contain Soy Contains Nuts

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