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Makeup in FIVE!

Having kids really puts time management in perspective doesn't it? Not only are you responsible for getting yourself out the door but your babies too! If you're like me, you'll spend most of your time organizing them, making sure they're fed, changed, dressed, and packing extra stuff ‘'just in case'. Only to realize you have 5 minutes left for yourself! This is where my Makeup in five tips can really take you from exhausted to excellent!

What to do? What's fast, quick, easy, natural and healthy. Using a Gold Coast Award Winning Makeup Brand of course! Kylie's Professional Mineral Makeup has the perfect easy to apply products to freshen up when you're headed out the door.

Interested to know what makes the cut when you're short on time?


Take your skin from no sleep to no flaws. Always prime with Mineral Goddess Primer to begin, apply a light dust of Mineral Goddess Powder Foundation, contour with a darker shade and add a touch of blush. Four simple steps to give you a glowing, natural, flawless base.

I wear; MG Loose Foundation 'Angel or Aphrodite' ( winter / summer ) My Contour is MG Pressed Foundation 'Bronze' and my current favourite go to blush is MG Loose 'Sunrise'


You want to feel sharp, so I recommend defining some features. The top three that are essential for me; Brows, Lashes and Lips! Following my natural shape, I use a Mineral Loose Eyeshadow to fill in my brows, then Xtreme Runway Mascara to enhance my top and bottom lashes, lastly for the lips, add some gloss.

I wear; MG Loose eyeshadow 'Stone' on my brows and #13 brush to apply. This is a versatile brow colour, so perfect many people can wear, XR Water Resistant Mascara and MG Creamy Gloss is shade 'Rosy', the perfect natural 'lip colour'.

When I’m in a rush, these are my go-to options, although you can always add more given the time. The extra steps I would add are concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow, eye and lip liner and lipstick.

Shades I love and would wear for a daily look would be; 'Soft' MG concealer, 'Dream' MG eyeshadow as my highlighter, 'shelly', 'pearl', 'rose gold' 'bark', 'earth' and 'coffee bean' are some of my favourite MG eyeshadows shades, 'tigers eye' MG Eye Liner, 'Enchant' MG Lip Liner and lastly 'Summer' or 'Rosy' MG Lipstick.

If you'd like to try some of these pregnancy and breastfeeding safe, all natural, vegan, toxic free, Australian products, use SKYEFAGAN at the checkout at to get yourself a nice discount :)

Prefer to watch how I apply these incredible products? Check out my YouTube Channel here:

Till next time,


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Feb 23, 2022

Love this Skye, wonderful makeup tips

Skye Fagan
Skye Fagan
Feb 23, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much :)

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