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Lower Body & Core Pilates Toning Burner!

I hope you’re ready to get those bodies burning. What I’m talking about is that inner-cramping, deep and distinctive Pilates burn! If you haven’t experienced this kind of burn before or haven’t in some time, here’s your lucky chance! Today, I’ve put together a few of my favourite exercises to give you a 20-minute lower body & core Pilates routine that’s, home-friendly and equipment-free. All you need is a yoga matt or a soft floor surface.

This is a perfect routine for most but also an ideal routine for a mum to be, to keep your fitness levels up during your pregnancy journey. As a new mum to be, it can be hard to know what exercises you can safely do and what not to do while pregnant. I’ve been there, felt unsure and did not like it at all. As a simple guide of what is recommended, according to my GP, midwife and research:

Don’t Guide: Anything high impact Running Hot yoga Heavy weight lifting HIIT style circuits

Do’s Guide: More slow and controlled Pilates Yoga Light weights/body weights Walking Swimming

The idea is to get your heart rate up but not too high. If you can still keep a conversation/speak easily while exercising that’s a good intensity, for the safety of you and your growing baby. Keep in mind this will be quite personal, depending on your level of fitness and health prior and during carrying your precious cargo. My advice is to always check with your healthcare professional, be careful and exercise at your own pace. This is the time to focus on slower, more controlled exercises, like this Pilate’s routine.

Let’s get those beautiful bodies moving and feeling good, here’s your routine:

WARM UP 10 x leg swings: forwards and sideways *repeat opposite leg 10 x squats 10 x Arm swings 20 x Froggy Squats 20 x Cat cows

*SET 1 20 x Straight Leg Raises 20 x Straight Leg Raise Pulses 20 x Leg Rainbow’s 20 x Fire Hydrants 20 x Opposite leg/arm extensions & Hold for 20 *Repeat Set 1 on opposite side

*SET 2 20 x lateral leg lifts 20 x lateral leg pulses 20 x forward circles 20 x backward circles 20 x clams 20 x clam pulses *Repeat Set 2 routine opposite side

SET 3 1 Minute Plank 30 x Side to side elevated knee tucks 30 x Assisted Boat hold Heel Taps 20 x Toe/Ankle Touches 20 x Pelvic Floor Squeezes + 20 sec Hold

COOL DOWN A mixture of any stretches which feel good for you for at least 10 minutes A few options/ideas you can try; Forward Fold, Lunge Stretch, Seated Feet together Hip Opener, Seated Toe Touches, Cat Cows, Seated with widened legs: Forward and Side Bend, Deep Yogi Squat, Windmills.

If you find this workout easy or would like to intensify it you can repeat the workout once, twice, up the reps or even wear a resistance band through Sets 1 and 2. Make sure you do some stretches first to warm your body up and once finished to cool your body down.

Not sure what some of these exercises are? Then, why don’t you do the workout with me! In this ‘real time’ video I go through the whole workout so we can feel the burn together and you can watch at your leisure, to perfect your technique! Watch on my YouTube here

*Disclaimer: If you are eager to give this work out a go, please know you are doing it at your own risk and complete it at your own pace/level. Please check with your doctor first if you are pregnant or have health issues. I also recommended a good warm up prior to completing this workout and a cool down once finished to prevent injuries. Skye Fagan is not at all liable for any injuries.

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06 juin 2020

Sooooo good way harder then it looks 👊💪😁

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