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Introduction to Skye Fagan

I would like to welcome you to my blog. After much debate and procrastinating on whether I would try blogging, the current, self-isolation guideline has given me the extra incentive to take the leap.

Now that I have finally decided, I am quite excited to get stuck into it and have some fun. This first blog is just to give you some insight into who I am, what I am going to be blogging about and what you can expect to see. I would describe myself as a fit, healthy, creative and passionate, mid-twenties girly-tomboy chick. I love; exercise and surfing, healthy food and cooking, being outdoors - especially the beach, makeup, skincare – especially face masks, alternative pop music, collecting water bottles, sexy tattooists named Scott, chocolate, a good tv series such as ‘The Vampire Dairies’ and of course as a new Mum to be I should probably add, ‘Kids’ 😊

I don’t like: cold, rainy days, negative, aggressive or dishonest people, unreliable cars, putting air in my tyres, partying and drinking, refilling the ice cube tray, junk food or liver. I am lucky enough to have had a lot of experience across multiple professional fields that I love. The jobs I have worked in are: Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling, Personal Training and Nutrition, Skincare Consultant and Model.

With this knowledge, I want this blog to be a safe space to share my journey, tips, tricks and all the things that I love and I hope my posts through this platform are able to help, amuse or even inspire you.

I will also be adding more content on my other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. So keep posted, stayed tuned and check into my other platforms for more good stuff!

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