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Remember me? Or welcome if you're new here. I have been totally M.I.A for the past year after having a baby and all the associated learning that follows: new born life, sleep deprivation, nappy changes, feeding, leaps.. the list could go on and on. Now my daughter Sunny is just over ONE and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how quickly time flies. Not to mention I'm halfway through my second pregnancy. Yes that's right, I'll be joining the two under two gang!

In this past year, I have grown, evolved and blossomed into a mother. A whole new version of myself, SKYE 2.0. I am still the same drink bottle collecting, makeup and skin loving, healthy outdoors sunshine beach girl. Only now I get to share this with my daughter and with you.

So what can you expect to see from me? My journey, where I'll dive into some motherhood topics: things I've learned, things I've loved, or not loved and lots in between oh and you'll still see some of my makeup, skin and exercise passion here.

So follow along if you'd like to see what I've experienced as a new mum and I'll try to post some helpful, informative content when I can!

Big Virtual Hugs!


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