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Add a splash of colour to your makeup with Kylie's Professional

Hello and welcome,

This month I wanted to talk about adding a splash of colour to the perhaps, same old daily makeup routine. I will share with you how I quickly, easily and beautifully, add some colour to my everyday makeup look.

Your makeup doesn’t have to be the same everyday, it can be different, colourful, fun and wearable too. Adding colour can brighten your day, uplift vibes to you and everyone around you!

This look is easy to achieve for all skill levels and adaptable to any colour you desire to wear. As my eyes are blue, one of my favourite colour choices is an orange eye. Orange is opposite to blue on the colour wheel so this makes my eye colour stand out. Therefore other colour combinations that would look nice would be pinks for green eyes, purples for Hazel and blue/green/ grey tones for brown eyes.

Begin your makeup with your base, you can check out my everyday makeup routine here. To see one of the ways I apply a quick base each morning. Building from my daily makeup base and using Kylies Travel/Personal brush set and my fingers this is how I like to add my desired splash of colour:

- Using the fluffy angle brush apply MG loose blush ‘sunrise’ I apply a wash over my eyelid, making sure all edges are blended. Blending helps buff any sharp edges and gives your makeup a seamless finish.

- Next, blending on some MG loose eyeshadow ‘mandarin’ (a deeper orange) in the outer corners with the dome brush is a great way to add some depth to your eye. Make sure to blend into sunrise and all your edges.

- Add some sparkle and glow by applying with flat brush or finger MG loose eyeshadow ‘Dream’ to the inner corner and blend onto your eyelid.

- For eyeliner, I like to keep it soft and natural. In a small bowl/tray, mix a tiny amount of MG loose eyeshadow ‘Stone’ ( same colour I wear on my brows!) with a few sprays of goddessey skin nutrition ‘Beauty Tonic’. This creates a wet eyeshadow that dries. Apply a thin line with the angle liner brush on top and bottom. This helps to define your lash line. Because your tonic will dry, there’s no need to set.

- Add two to three coats of XR mascara, and hold your lashes up with your fingers while wet. This is a great hack to achieve an instant lash lift. Apply some to your bottom lashes too.

- Don’t forget to add some blush and highlighter with this look. I used MG loose sunrise with the large angle contour brush as my blush and my fingers to apply MG dream highlighter to compliment my eyes.

- To finish off this look, I add a touch of MG creamy gloss sienna to my lips for a tint of colour.

This look is easy, effortless and can be finished within minutes. Not only does this look make me glow, it also makes me feel bright, fun and ready for the day.

I use Kylie’s MG loose eyeshadow pigments, as they are all Australian, vegan, natural, toxic free, award winning and highly pigmented. They also offer a vast variety of colours, with over 50 shades! Something for everyone!

Because they are highly pigmented pure minerals, a little colour goes a long way and if treated well, ( keep them dry and sealed ) they will last you a lifetime! I have had mine for a long time and only ever had to re-purchase ones I’ve worn multiple ways, daily for years, such as ‘Dream’ ( eyeshadow / highlighter ) & ‘Stone’ ( brows / liner / eyeshadow ).

Being a loose powder eyeshadow, I do recommend being careful, using a small amount and keeping toddlers clear as loose can get messy if not careful. If you prefer pressed products, then Kylies has you covered too, you can see that range of colours here.

I hope I have inspired and emboldened you to try adding some fun colours to your makeup bag by showing you an easy way you can incorporate colour into your daily makeup routine.

If you would like to add some Kylie’s Professional products to your makeup bag you can use code; SKYEFAGAN for 15% off Kylies entire range, including her 50+ loose eyeshadows.

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